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Сообщения за апрель, 2012
As a member of an academic discipline the sociologist has four basic roles: researcher, teacher, public intellectual and expert. We sociologists behave as if the discipline is only a research discipline, with a corresponding underdevelopment of the three other roles as essential in the creation and maintenance of knowledge and insightes within the discipline. http://jax.sagepub.com/content/6/1/43.full.pdf+html
healthy organizational culture is one of the biggest competitive advantages out there right now. Companies have a big opportunity to differentiate themselves in the area of culture. Organizations are full of smart people, and organizations themselves are pretty smart in regards to marketing, technology, finance, and so on. http://themojocompany.com/2011/03/culture-as-competitive-advantage/
deep down, we all know: to thrive at the art of living, at some point each of us has to take a deep breath, step outside the rusting prison or gilded cage, plant our feet in the soil and reach towards the sky. Life feels actively, furiously lived when we love, trust, wonder, care, believe, dream, think, feel, do, count, matter. http://blogs.hbr.org/haque/2012/03/overthrow_yourself.html#.T4oIVM655cw.twitter
women have proven significantly more resilient in the midst of a sweeping, economic downturn. They are half as likely to drop out of the workforce; their wages have remained remarkably stable. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/ezra-klein/post/in-a-lot-of-ways-were-looking-at-his-and-hers-recessions/2012/04/12/gIQA9TDYDT_blog.html
It's no secret that the past few decades have transformed traditional gender relationships. Both men and women are operating by a whole new set of rules. Instead of celebrating Mother's Day or Father's Day, some schools are celebrating Parent's Day to accommodate kids from the wide diversity of families today. Gay and lesbian couples and single moms and dads by chance or choice embody changing ideas about sex and sex roles, they are also transforming the gender based definitions of parenting. They are challenging us all to reevaluate the terms of marriage. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/peggy-drexler/moms-and-dads-spring-open_b_1406663.html?ref=tw
раньше было принято считать, что богачи должны чувствовать себя виноватыми перед бедняками. Зажравшийся буржуй лопает ананасы и рябчиков, и это предосудительно, и у него несварение желудка, и подагра у него, и язва, и лик его темен. А чистый сердцем простолюдин на утренней зорьке хрустит росистым огурцом и только здоровеет – завидуй, растленный богач. И вот наш лукавый век эту ситуацию выворачивает наизнанку. Теперь бедным приходится чувствовать себя виноватыми за то, что они кормят себя и своих детей генно-модифицированной дрянью с глутаматом да с эмульгатором, и спортом не занимаются, и табак курят, а то и план, и кстати редко бывают на свежем воздухе. http://www.snob.ru/profile/25137/blog/47199 Reality, normality, hard-working families: this is the mantra of the multimillionaire celebrity chef. But the recipes have trouble sticking to it because, despite the homely trappings, they are essentially restaurant food. It’s not only class inequality that lurks beneath the new food culture
Weight and health issues: correlated or not? People with overweight being discriminated against. It’s time to move past the language of weight and hate and adopt the language of health, specifically of Health at Every Size (HAES). HAES is a new medical paradigm that shifts the focus away from weight and back onto health where it belongs. It embodies a weight-neutral approach, and doesn’t support weight loss for its own sake. http://theconversation.edu.au/moving-beyond-weight-why-the-focus-on-size-is-bad-for-health-5903?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=tweetb
Margaret Mead wrote that we should “never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. Indeed, that’s all who ever have.” Leadership lessons from penguins http://michaelhyatt.com/how-penguin-leadership-will-change-your-team-culture.html
An attempt to find correlation between contraception and education/career. Of the 30% increase in women’s wages the study attributes to early access to the Pill, two-thirds of that came from these women having greater workplace experience. The rest came from women’s access to education and their resulting choices to enter high-earning, male-dominated fields. http://www.forbes.com/sites/meghancasserly/2012/03/30/contraception-womens-earnings-martha-bailey-healthcare/
Gender stereotyping is on and on. Behaviour patterns are linked to gender. As if no one has heard of gender equality and nothing has been achieved. Nevertheless, a good case for analysis. http://www.forbes.com/sites/carolinehoward/2012/03/29/will-risky-women-on-boards-mean-economic-meltdown/ One more example: http://www.economist.com/node/21551535