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Сообщения за май, 2012
В поиске термина для интеллигенции как социального класса, но современной интеллигенции, выживающей в условиях рынка. Креативный класс? Почему и как? Какая кроется классовая идентичность? Ответы от социолога Александра Кустарева. http://www.terra-america.ru/prestijnii-socionim.aspx
Is losing weight a matter of individual change or surveillance: control of attitudes and behaviour, and body discipline? Is it class-oriented? http://eth.sagepub.com/content/early/2012/04/25/1466138111435871.abstract
The problem disscussed is irrational linkage between citizenship and birthplace. Since ancient times birth to certain parents, or in a certain territory has been the primary criterion for citizenship. Now, the notion of citizenship is questioned. Can it be imagined without nationality?   http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/18/opinion/citizenship-to-go.html?_r=1
Questioned Manliness Modern men are as neurotic about their weight as women. What a contrast with the relaxed Edwardian era, when Sherlock Holmes could congratulate Dr Watson on putting on seven and a half pounds. If Watson put on seven and a half pounds today, he would be a wreck, pumping iron in the Baker Street gym. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/9246196/Where-have-the-real-men-gone.html
I find it draining to be at social events, especially with large groups of people. I often want to rush back home or to my hotel room and "recharge my batteries." I much prefer one-on-one conversations to group meetings, and rarely feel comfortable around people I do not know. I do my best work sitting in a quiet room, and I hate to make or receive phone calls.  http://www.inc.com/karl-and-bill/networking-for-introverts-3-tips-for-success.html