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Сообщения за сентябрь, 2009

About my Friend

ABOUT MY FRIEND Julia is an extremely intelligent girl. I admire her delightful sense of humour. But at times she tends to act a little impulsively. Although she is generally a tolerant person, occasionally she reacts negatively if some small habit, such as nail-biting, annoys her. I’m fond of my friend, but I do get annoyed with her sometimes. She’s always arguing with me and, even, when she’s wrong, she never apologizes. (from “Fourth Dimension” by R. O’Neil and P.Mugglestone)

About my Family

ABOUT MY FAMILY My brother is 22 years old. He is of a medium height and build, a bit stocky, but strong with it. He has long, curly fair hair. It is fashionable at the moment for men to grow their hair. His hair nearly reaches his shoulders. My mother is always telling him to get it cut. He doesn’t take much care over his appearance so he often looks quite scruffy. He hates having to wear a tie for work. When he’s at home he wears comfortable clothes such as T-shirts and jeans. He doesn’t care very much what he looks like. My other brother is much taller – he towers above me, even though he is only 15. He does quite a lot of sport so he’s quite strong and has well developed muscles. He has straight brown hair which refuses to lie flat and is always stroking up. He has bluish grey eyes and a little nose. He is clever and quiet and spends a lot of time at his computer. People sometimes think that he is morose and sullen but I don’t think that’s the case – he just prefers to think rath


THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND               To the North-West of the continent of Europe there are two large and over 5   000 small islands called the British Isles, the area of which is about 244   100 square kilometers. The largest islands are called Great Britain and Ireland. England, Wales and Scotland are the main parts of Great Britain. Together with Northern Ireland they make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland with a population of over 57   000   000.               The surface of England and Northern Ireland is rather flat, while in Scotland, Wales and North-West England there are mountains, but they are not very high. The highest mountain is Ben Nevis in Scotland (1   343 m). The rivers are short but they are deep. The longest river is the Severn, and the deepest is the Thames. The north-western part of the country , the Lake District, with its 16 lakes is known for its particular beauty.               The British climate is m