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About my Family

My brother is 22 years old. He is of a medium height and build, a bit stocky, but strong with it. He has long, curly fair hair. It is fashionable at the moment for men to grow their hair. His hair nearly reaches his shoulders. My mother is always telling him to get it cut. He doesn’t take much care over his appearance so he often looks quite scruffy. He hates having to wear a tie for work. When he’s at home he wears comfortable clothes such as T-shirts and jeans. He doesn’t care very much what he looks like.
My other brother is much taller – he towers above me, even though he is only 15. He does quite a lot of sport so he’s quite strong and has well developed muscles. He has straight brown hair which refuses to lie flat and is always stroking up. He has bluish grey eyes and a little nose. He is clever and quiet and spends a lot of time at his computer. People sometimes think that he is morose and sullen but I don’t think that’s the case – he just prefers to think rather than to talk. When he does talk, he has a deep voice. He doesn’t pronounce his words very clearly, but just mutters them – he can’t be bothered to speak clearly. This is typical of boys of his age I think.
My mother turned 50 this year, although she doesn’t look it. She has aged quite well I think. Only now she is beginning to show signs of old age – her hair has started to go grey and her skin is drier. She is also thinner – she used to have a tendency to put on weight. She is quite tall – it’s a characteristic of her side of the family. She is usually well dressed. She is the sort of person who always looks smart – I’m the exact opposite – it doesn’t matter how much time, money and energy I devote to my appearance, I usually look scruffy. Even if I leave home looking good by the time I reach my destination I look a mess – my tights are splashed, my hem has come down and I generally look untidy as I’d never bothered.
My father is quite short and a bit plump. I take after my father’s side of the family. My father is nearly bald and the hair that remains is grey. He wears sensible, practical clothes most of the time, but for work he has to look smarter so he wears a suit and a tie. He has a grey and a blue suits which I think look good on him. When he puts his glasses on and he wears these suits, he looks every inch a teacher. My father is not a pleasant man. He gets angry and loses his temper quite often.
(Composed by Caroline Edwards)


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Как научиться "я твоя понимай"

Многие (практически все) иммигрировавшие в англоязычную страну, отмечают среди основных трудностей первого времени (до двух лет пребывания в стране) проблему понимания носителей языка на слух. Даже в случае, если иммиграции предшествовала длительная языковая подготовка. Есть ряд советов, как с этим жить , но здесь – о другом. Во-первых, подготовка подготовке рознь. Многие и многие изучающие язык нещадно игнорируют аудирование, как аспект подготовки, но с радостью делают упражнения, читают и отвечают на вопросы… Упражнения – это, конечно, хорошо, но в меру. Я часто спрашиваю: «Когда и как часто Вам придется выполнять упражнения в реальной жизни?» А общаться – всегда и везде. И в случае, если Вы не понимаете собеседника, общению не бывать. Во-вторых, помимо аудиокурсов и заданий на аудирование, в наше прекрасное время есть несметное множество всего, что позволяет освоить понимание на слух –это, для начала, осознанный и контролируемый репетитором просмотр сериалов/фильмов (если